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Elephant Herd

Parag was born in Kenya where he spent his youth enjoying the freedom and natural beauty of the land. This grew his fondness for the outdoors and wild animals, in particular elephants and rhinos. Through the passage of time and the increasing demand for land for human habitation, the wildlife areas have been dwindling at apace endangering the very survival of wildlife and thus causing conflicts with humans. Owing to his love of wildlife and his desire to preserve and protect both human and animal life, Parag passionately supports nature conservation projects in East Africa, particularly in Kenya. 

African Children

I believe children’s education plays a critical part in the development of youth and their future locations. The right education can change the destiny of not only one child but an entire village and even a whole generation, especially in remote locations of Kenya.


The privileges that we take for granted in the developed world of having access to good education in good buildings is rarely enjoyed by many children in Kenya. I feel strongly that this is an area where we can give back and contribute to the development of the whole school environment to a better standard which will create better classrooms, play areas, cleaner water and sanitation, kitchens for cooking and utilising solar energy to provide electricity.

The Caversham Foundation works in collaboration and partnership with already established UK and Commonwealth based charities for both projects whose details will be published here in due course.

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